About us

A Stronger Voice in St Albans, a Stronger Voice for St Albans

St Albans Conservatives are the local branch of Theresa May’s Conservative Party. We’re dedicated to speaking up for St Albans at every level of government and in the local community. Whether it is at parish, district, county, regional or Parliamentary level, our commitment is to strengthen St Albans and the communities living here.

The local Conservative team, led by our Parliamentary MP, Anne Main, consists of members of the district council group, our three MEPs and volunteers from a wide range of backgrounds. The team forms the strongest united voice for St Albans.

The Conservative Association

St Albans Conservatives, including part of our local council group, is administered through St Albans Conservative Association.

A Conservative Association consists of all local people who are members of the Conservative Party within a certain constituency. The Association manages the selection of candidates for elections, fundraising and all sorts of campaigns for the people of St Albans.

If you want to contact us to raise an issue about your area, click here.

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