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Council levels and their associated responsibilities:

SANDRIDGE PARISH COUNCIL is responsible for: -

Jersey Farm and Marshalswick Community Centres.

Jersey farm Woodland Park; leased from SADC.

Seven recreation grounds with children’s play areas, with a multi games area in Sherwood Avenue and tennis/ netball courts in Sandridge.

Trusteeship for the Sports, Youth and Social Club in Sandridge with both Cricket and Football clubs.

Providing the free bus service for the elderly on Wednesday market day.

Notice Boards within the Parish.

Joint responsibility with Wheathampstead PC for Nomansland Common.

ST ALBANS DISTRICT COUNCIL is responsible for: -

Refuse Collection and Recycling

Leisure facilities like Westminster Lodge, Batchwood and Cotlandswick;

Planning Matters including Building Control; Street Cleaning; Drainage; Allotments; Parks

Electoral services; Council Car parks; Council Housing; Council Tax (collection and benefits)

St Albans Market; Local Theatres; Museums and Food Safety.


Education. Schools admissions, Term dates, School Planning.

Community Safety. Fire and Rescue Service, Trading Standards.

Transport and Roads. Road works, Road safety, Street lighting, School transport, Highways, Disability Travel, Public Transport.

Health. Support for Adults, Children and Families. Disability, Adoption, Fostering, Help at Home, Care Homes

Housing. Homelessness, Temporary accommodation, Housing Associations,

Environment. Rights of Way, Commons, Land Access, Recycling Centres, Countryside management.

Community. Family Services, Voluntary Organisations.

Businesses. Licenses, Working with Business.

Registrar Services. Births, Marriages and Deaths; Citizenship.

Libraries. Membership, Lending Services, Catalogue.

Young People. Youth Connections

Jobs and Careers. Opportunities, Job Alerts, Teaching Opportunities

Advice and benefits. Crime, Drugs and Alcohol, Domestic Abuse.