Local councillors working for local people.

Local councillors working for local people.

The St Albans Conservative Association is dedicated to speaking up for St Albans at every level of government and in the local community. Whether it is at parish, district, county, regional or Parliamentary level, our commitment is to strengthen St Albans and the communities living here.


The Conservative led Council approved the new Corporate Plan and Budget that sets out objectives for the next 5 years. It identified 10 priority projects including:

--Re-developing the City centre site into residential and office space;
--creating jobs in the new Enviro-Tech Enterprise Zone;
--building of affordable and social housing on Council owned land; and,
--completing the Local Plan with new houses, schools and infrastructure.

Leader of the Council, Cllr Alec Campbell stated: “We are striving to put residents, business and visitors at the heart of everything we do to ensure we are a listening and responsive Council."

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Anne Main MP 

Anne Main MP

Anne Main is enthusiastic, hard-working, and committed to improving the lives of those who live in and around St Albans.

Anne was first elected to Parliament in 2005, and re-elected at the 2010 General Election with an increased majority. As St Albans' Member of Parliament, she has developed a reputation as a fierce advocate for the St Albans constituency and as a key campaigner on local and national issues.

In Parliament and locally Anne has continued to fight for St Albans, raising hundreds of issues on behalf of local people, including: the proposed Park Street rail freight terminal, local NHS services, school place shortages, commuter services, policing, the economy, fire services, spiralling housing totals, climate change, our armed forces and international affairs.

Anne has served on three cross-party Select Committees - the Energy and Climate Change Committee, the Communities and Local Government Committee and the Advisory Committee on Works of Art - and has served on a number of bill committees. She was elected chair of the Britain-Bangladesh All Party Parliamentary Group in 2009.

Born in 1957 in Cardiff, South Wales, Anne was brought up to believe that hard work and a good education were the route to self-improvement. She graduated with an Honours Degree in English, from Swansea University, where she met her first husband Stephen.

After gaining a postgraduate certificate in Education from Sheffield University, Anne moved into the London area where she taught English and Drama at an inner London Comprehensive. In 1978 Anne and Stephen married, and three children, Nick, Claire and Jennifer, followed. Stephen sadly died of cancer, aged 34. In 1995 Anne married Andrew, an IT Director, and she has since had a fourth child, a son called Alexander.

Colleagues at Westminster soon recognised that Anne is a fighter, and nicknamed her ‘fighting Annie Main’ for her hard work on many high profile issues including commuter services, her opposition to green belt development, as a campaigner on behalf of the victims of the Equitable Life collapse, as a strong voice on energy and climate change issues and pushing for action on fuel poverty.



How do I arrange a surgery with Anne?

Anne Main Surgeries

You can book an appointment with Anne at one of her surgeries by contacting her Westminster office on 0207 219 8270 or by emailing maina@parliament.uk

What will I need to provide?

To ensure that you are one of Anne’s constituents you will be asked for your postal address and a contact telephone number. We will also ask you to provide details of your case to be sure that Anne is best placed to assist you and to ensure you have enough time allocated to your appointment. The more detail you can provide in advance the more productive your appointment will be.

What is the quickest way for Anne to deal with my case?

If your case is urgent and you cannot wait for an appointment, the quickest way for Anne to deal with your case is to arrange a telephone surgery. These telephone surgeries can be arranged at short notice and can more easily fit around the business of the House. Most cases can be dealt with over the phone and this is often the quickest way for your case to be resolved.

Where are surgeries held?

Anne holds surgeries in a variety of places, her constituency office in London Colney and at local businesses in St Albans town centre.

I am disabled and cannot come to a surgery appointment, does Anne do home visits?

Anne will of course make home visits for those people unable to attend her surgeries due to a disability. Please mention if you require a home visit when arranging your appointment.

Can I bring an advocate or family member with me?

If you would feel more comfortable with an advocate, family member or friend with you, you can of course bring them along. We would ask that you let us know in advance who will be attending so we can ensure there is sufficient space.

I have a policy query, is a surgery appointment the best way to discuss this issue?

Surgery appointments are usually for people with personal cases/problems concerning matters such as housing, or benefit issues for example. If you have a policy query we would encourage you to email or write to Anne for her views as surgery appointments are in high demand.

Whilst we try to be as helpful as possible during these surgery appointments please note Anne cannot offer legal advice; immigration advice; or overturn decisions made by other bodies such as Councils or the Ombudsman. Please also note that we have caseworkers working in the Westminster office who are ready and waiting to assist you and who have received training in areas such as welfare, housing and immigration.