Anne Main calls for review of NHS pay structure

The breaking news this morning that some NHS bosses have seen huge salary increases at a time of pay restraint is a ‘cause for concern’, says St Albans Conservative candidate, Anne Main.

Anne said, ‘I’ve been aware of this issue for some time and it is a cause for concern. Indeed, we’ve seen a churn of Chief Executives with big salaries. This is why I highlighted the matter in November in an Early Day Motion [EDM] in Parliament, which received support from across the House.

‘I felt that the public would be sympathetic to frontline nurses and hardworking staff in their request for a modest pay rise when, at the same time, it was brought to my attention that NHS bosses’ salaries were far in excess of what a prime minister would earn.

‘Indeed, previously in the West Herts Hospital Trust [WHHT], former bosses, such as Jan Filochowski were brought in completely unopposed by any other candidates which is why I feel the argument that the salaries needed to attract the best does not always ring true.

‘In the wake of these stark revelations, it is time we looked at the top pay of those who work in our public services to consider whether or not the structure ought to be amended. 

‘This is what I called for in November with my EDM and whoever is in government in the next parliament ought to tackle this issue as a matter of priority.’