Anne Main MP meets with the New Hospital Campaign

On Tuesday 19th March in Parliament, Anne Main MP met with representatives from the New Hospital Campaign
group to discuss future healthcare provision in West Hertfordshire. The group, alongside Claudio
Duran (prospective council candidate for Park Street and Bricket Wood East), have long campaigned for a new
build hospital to serve the area, rather than refurbishing the current main hospital in Watford.

The meeting follows a joint announcement in January from West Herts Hospital Trust (WHHT) and
Herts Valley Clinical Commissioning Group (HVCCG) that ruled out building a new A&E hospital due
to insufficient funding. Campaigners have challenged the figures given for a new hospital and have
cited the costs of other new hospitals recently built across the country.

The Trust have said they are limited to spending up to £350m on improvements. They claim this
only leaves the option of refurbishing Watford General and improving St Albans and/or Hemel
hospitals. The campaign group strongly challenge this ruling.

St Albans MP, Anne Main said, “It was a pleasure to meet with the group. They are extremely
knowledgeable and have rightly raised several very important questions that are, as yet,

“The decisions taken in the next few weeks and months on the future of healthcare in West Herts
are incredibly important. We must ensure that whatever is decided will cater for the ever-growing
population and we see a significant improvement in health care going forward.

“We must have clarity on costs. The Trust need to explain to people why they cannot afford a new
hospital and why refurbishing the severely flawed Watford General Hospital is the best option for
local people. Whatever happens, I will continue to fight to retain and significantly improve the
services offered at St Albans Hospital.

“I will be writing to the Health Secretary following our meeting and I will be seeking answers to the
important questions the group have continuously raised.”