Anne Main MP readopted as Chair of plastics environment group

Anne Main MP has been selected by MPs to remain as Chair of the all-party parliamentary group (APPG) on the prevention of plastic waste.

The group was established by Mrs Main last year and it seeks to be a cross-party forum to ‘monitor the progress of the 25-Year Environmental Plan in relation to plastic waste’ and to ‘raise issues relating to the impact of plastic waste on our environment.’

“Everyone, on both sides of the House, recognises how serious this issue is. Good progress has been made and everyone is becoming much more conscious of the amount of plastic they use and the damage it can cause”, said Mrs Main after yesterday’s meeting.

The APPG has had a busy first year and support for the group amongst MPs has grown significantly. Anne’s group has met with various big businesses, supermarkets and industry bodies to challenge them on what more they can do.

Mrs Main has also led delegations of MPs from the group to a plastics recycling centre just outside London and has hosted a plastic waste event in the House of Commons with Sir David Attenborough as the guest speaker in its first year.

“The group has been proactive throughout the year. We have challenged some of the biggest companies in the UK to reduce their waste plastics and to seek better and more eco-friendly ways of packaging food and products. The group will continue to keep the pressure on government and industry to lead the way on the prevention of plastic waste.”

The group also approved three new Vice-Chairs during the meeting; Vicky Ford MP, Sir Peter Bottomley MP and Alex Sobel MP.