Cadet recruitment vital for armed forces, says Anne Main MP

Cadet recruitment vital for armed forces says Anne Main MP

On the 15th of January, Anne Main pressed the defence secretary, Gavin Williamson, for further support for Combined Cadet Forces (CCFs). Mrs Main rose to ask that the Ministry of Defence (MoD) continue to encourage cadets and the recruitment of cadets into the armed forces.

Mrs Main said, ‘May I put a plea in for the cadets? Many of our cadets go on to serve in the forces they support. However, many cadet units have disappeared from our schools, which is a tragedy. May I put in a plea that the cadets are not left out when we are considering recruiting people into our armed forces?’

The defence secretary responded saying, ‘My honourable Friend is absolutely right in her analysis of the important role that cadets play. Some 20% of our armed forces served in the cadets. That is why the government are committed to opening 500 new cadet forces in schools right around this country. Cadets are so incredibly vital for our armed forces, but they also make sure, in communities right across the country, that our armed forces play such an important role in the life of those local communities.’

Speaking outside the chamber, the St Albans MP said, ‘I am glad to have raised the importance of the cadets with the defence secretary and I am pleased that he too appreciates the role they play in a young person’s development.  More importantly, they are vital for future recruitment.’

In 2014 Anne successfully argued for more support from the government which saw a further £2.3 million being allocated to funding for CCFs across the country from the MoD.

‘I have always respected the teaching, discipline and structure that CCF training can give to young people and I am glad to hear that this government will continue to support and grow this organisation in the coming years.’