Higher animal welfare standards delight Anne Main MP

Anne Main MP has backed the government’s plans to introduce mandatory closed circuit television (CCTV) recording in slaughterhouses.

Writing to environment secretary, Michael Gove, the St Albans MP said that she was, ‘very pleased that [the government is looking to further measures that will cement our position as a global leader in animal welfare standards.’

The proposals in the six-week consultation will make it necessary for slaughterhouses to record all areas where live animals are present.

During her time in Parliament, Mrs Main has been a prominent and vocal Conservative voice on animal welfare issues, and has in the past backed measures to stop the live transportation of animals, introduced bills to increase ‘farm-to-fork traceability’, and opposed the badger cull.

Anne said that she was supportive of enforcement measures in the consultation and she was ‘heartened to read that both the Food Standards Agency and the British Veterinary Association were supportive of the action that the government is taking.’

‘As you are aware, I have long campaigned on animal welfare issues. It is absolutely essential that we treat our animals properly and humanely. I am confident that we are already world leaders in animal welfare standards, and that our farmers treat their animals incredibly well. This measure will give confidence to consumers and producers all over the world that we in Britain are held to these high standards.’

Speaking afterwards, Mrs Main stated that, ‘Animal welfare and the environment are two of the most common types of letters in my post bag. People in St Albans care deeply about these issues, and so I welcome these steps taken by the government.’

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