New Train Timetable from 17 May update from GTR

From Sunday 17 May 2020, the rail industry will introduce a new timetable.

The rail industry is committed to providing a train service that supports key workers to be able to get to work.

While the Government advice remains that anyone who can, should continue to work entirely from home, there are people who will need to go to their place of work. The Government has published guidance for people who cannot work from home and must use public transport.

Passengers are being encouraged to avoid public transport where they have alternatives. This is because even as public transport begins to return to a full service, the 2-metre social distancing rule will leave effective capacity for one in ten passengers on many parts of the UK network.

For those travelling, the guidance recommends that passengers:

  • keep 2 metres apart from others wherever possible
  • wear a face covering if they can
  • use contactless or smartcard payments where possible
  • avoid rush hour travel wherever feasible
  • wash or sanitise their hands before and after travel
  • follow advice from staff

This guidance can be found at:

The timetable is available in journey planners such a from 12 May 2020.

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