Parking Chaos- Big Picture thinking and action needed !


For too long parking schemes have been implemented in St Albans in an ad hoc way, with some local Councillors merely reacting to the request of some residents without without a thought to the bigger picture. This is exactly what has happened recently when the 3 Lib Dem ward councillors in Clarence pushed through a controlled parking scheme there. They also pushed for implementation before it was fully ready. The result has been that it has just shifted the problem further north and is currently causing immense safety issues on roads such as Gurney Court court, Battlefield, Lancaster and Charmouth roads. Teams were out talking to residents in these areas today and they have listened to the concerns of furious residents who are experiencing dangerous conditions getting out of their drives, ambulances being unable to park next to care homes and damage to cars even one dead cat.One resident is looking to move because she is so scared of an accident just getting out of her house. They all feel it's just a matter of time before there is a very serious accident in this area.  

Residents within the area of the new scheme are not happy either the rushed implementation meant many have being paying for permits well ahead of when the scheme has actually gone fully live and many are concerned at the issues caused for others, such as Verulam students and visitors to the park and local churches / Mosques.

Councillor Salih Gaygusuz, who has recently taken on responsibility for parking is determined to help these residents deal with the immediate safety issues and more importantly take a more holistic and proactive approach that seeks to deal with the fundamental issues, getting away from the parochialism of ad hoc schemes. He feels that a whole district strategy need that accommodates the needs of commuters and residents alike. It's a complex issue with many stakeholder involved ( the County Council , the Station parking company for example) but he is investigating all the options ( e.g.increased commuter bus services, a park and ride style scheme, better policing of dangerous parking, increased parking capacity at the station) .

There is a meeting on parking on the 6th of February ( at the Council Chambers) come along and join the debate to work for better solutions for residents and commuters or let us know your suggestions here.