St Peters Ward - Cllr Alun Davies & Cllr Alec Cambell


Toasting a successful wine tasting evening!

A very enjoyable evening was had by local Association members on Friday 24th November in the very pleasant surroundings of the Street Cafe, on Catherine Street, as James Fowler, Managing Director of Wine2Trade kept the wine and conversation flowing!

Jubilee Centre: Save our precious community asset!

Cllr Alun Davies has welcomed an invite by concerned local residents to join a kick off meeting of the "Friends of the Jubilee Centre" this coming Saturday at 11am at the Jubilee Centre on Catherine Street.

St Albans District Council providing safe place for City homeless

Cllr Alun Davies has welcomed the District Council's move to provide the City's homeless with access to safe housing and services but has reassured local residents he will be making sure it is managed properly, taking their concerns into account. 

Conservatives are supporting new local businesses

Cllr Alun Davies, seen here at the wonderful new Waddington Road Cafe, has consistently supported local businesses in St Albans. Issues have ranged from planning, waste and recycling through to helping to market businesses to local residents.

Tackling residents' concerns: Car parking spaces in City centre

Cllr Alun Davies will be attending a local residents' meeting to tackle the contentious issue of City centre parking. 

The Jubilee Residents' Association  has asked Cllr Davies to attend, listen and potentially take action on the parking issues facing residents.

Fighting for primary school places in St Albans

This week Cllr Alun Davies attended the latest parent get together in the City centre St Albans to talk about the current state of play as far as primary school places go and to also explain what he is doing with both the District and County Councils to create future school places for an ever gro

St Albans Councillor visits local food bank

St Albans Conservative councillor Alun Davies visited the local City food bank recently. 

"The food bank provides an important service for those in need and it was great to meet the volunteers who work in our community," said Alun.