Anne Main attends installation of Luton Airport noise monitoring unit

Anne Main met with representatives of Luton airport during the installation of a new mobile noise monitoring unit in north St Albans.
‘I am pleased that Luton are taking the concerns of local residents seriously,’ said Anne.  ‘I have been receiving regular complaints from areas of St Albans and Sandridge that I have not received in my 12 years as an MP.  This action is hopefully a step in the right direction to a proper and rigorous assessment of how noise is affecting constituents.  
‘This is a major problem for residents in some areas of the district and city.  I am encouraged that Luton are in listening mode and are willing to work towards greatly reducing this persistent noise.  The residents who are disproportionately affected by the RNAV route will at least see that their complaints are being taken seriously.  
‘It was encouraging to see Luton willing to meet with me and to hear constituents’ complaints.  They are happy to work with the whole community to end this persistent noise pollution.  The noise monitors should give a clear and accurate picture of noise in the area, and push towards reform.’
In October this year, the Civil Aviation Authority will conduct a thorough review into the impact of flights paths on residents.  The Post Implementation Review will to assess whether RNAV1 has delivered the anticipated impacts and benefits set out in the original airspace change proposal and decision, and if not to ascertain why and determine the most appropriate course of action.
‘I would encourage residents to respond during the review period with their experiences,’ said Mrs Main.  ‘In order to get an accurate view, it’s important to have wide-ranging responses.  I certainly would urge that the whole community engages in this consultation so we can get a clear picture of how the flight paths are affecting everybody in the area.’