Anne Main: Thameslink must improve or they’ll hit the buffers

Last night, Anne Main met again with transport secretary, Chris Grayling and rail minister, Jo Johnson to express the frustration and anger of her constituents over the ongoing disruption on the Thameslink rail service. ‘This was another heated meeting’ Mrs Main said. ‘The continuing chaos on the line at the moment is completely unacceptable and that was made clear to the secretary of state.’ The St Albans MP last met with Chris Grayling only a couple of weeks ago when the disruption began after the timetable change was brought in by Thameslink. Mrs Main said, ‘The service at present is disgraceful and I am pleased that the secretary of state left nothing off the table, including the status of the franchise.’ ‘I had called for information on compensation, suspending first-class carriages and stability of service and it sounds like that has been listened to.’ Setting out the information given to her at the meeting, Mrs Main said ‘I was told there will be an announcement next week on compensation for passengers and they will be suspending first-class carriages. Thameslink must also deliver a suitable and stable timetable in the next few weeks or they deserve to lose the franchise.’ Thameslink have given an undertaking they will operate a stable timetable from mid-July. Mrs Main said, ‘I am grateful for constituents keeping me up to date on the service they are receiving and I will continue to press the transport department and Thameslink to deliver a service that is fitting for the huge fees St Albans commuters have to pay. ‘I was left in no doubt that Thameslink are in danger of losing this franchise unless there are improvements in the next few weeks. Thameslink must improve or they’ll hit the buffers.’