City Centre redevelopment takes shape

Major progress is being made behind the scenes with plans to build new housing and business space at a development site in the heart of St Albans.

A number of works are now underway to prepare for the City’s former police station and a nearby NHS clinic to be demolished early next year.

This current phase is due to be finished by Christmas and includes a series of surveys. It follows the completion of archaeological tests.

St Albans City and District Council is carrying out the transformational project after acquiring all the land. It has called the area the City Centre Opportunity Site (CCOS) South.

As well as the police station and Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust’s health centre, CCOS South includes adjoining car parking space.

This was once part of a Hertfordshire County Council office block that is currently being turned into flats by a private company.

Planning permission has been obtained to build the mixed development on the site, including private and affordable housing. The Council is now working on the plans to see how they can be further enhanced.