St Albans MP ‘delighted’ by school funding boost

Last week, the new Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a huge cash boost for primary and secondary education across the UK. The additional £14 billion will be invested in schools between now and 2022/23.

The Prime Minister announced he would ‘level up’ education funding, to ensure every child gets a great education regardless of where they live and which school they attend when he took over from his predecessor, Theresa May. 

St Albans MP and school funding campaigner Anne Main welcomed the announcement from the new Conservative government.

The St Albans MP has led numerous debates in Parliament about this issue in the last year. She held a debate in the smaller Westminster Hall chamber in October 2018 and has spoken up during other similar debates and departmental question times in Parliament too.

Mrs Main was also successful in securing a backbench business debate on school funding at the end of April this year. Her debate was held in the House of Commons chamber and saw over 30 MPs make speeches in support of Anne’s motion.

Mrs Main said;

“This has been a priority for me over the last year or so and I am so pleased it is one of the first pledges the new Prime Minister has delivered on.

“I heard too many stories of schools having to close early, pressures on staffing budgets and children’s education suffering as a consequence. We needed more money put into education and it’s great that an additional £14 billion has been allocated for that.

“This money needs to be felt right on the front line. We must ensure it goes directly into improving teaching, resources and facilities that will ensure our children receive an excellent education.

“Having been a teacher myself, I know how important it is for teachers to feel valued and have the resources there to provide great education for pupils. I hope this additional funding will go some way to delivering that.


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