What is the “Confidence and supply” deal done by Lib Dems with Labour and Independents?

At a council meeting where Cllr White stood as the only candidate and was re-elected as Leader by Labour, the Greens and all Independent Councillors.  Labour councillors stated that a ‘confidence and supply’ deal had been offered by the Liberal Democrat’s to get their support.


Cllr Mary Maynard said:

“Conservatives have been trying hard to get all Councillors to work together for residents during this crisis.  Instead the Liberal Democrat’s prefer to offer secret deals to other Councillors to ensure they vote to keep them in power.

What deals have the Lib Dems struck to hang onto power.  What is the cost of these deals?  What impact will this have on the pockets of hard pressed residents?

St Albans & District Council is coming under considerable financial pressure with a series of poor Liberal Democrat decisions in the past year causing project delays and cost overruns of nearly £7m.

Neighbouring Councils like Labour run Stevenage are saying they might go going ‘bankrupt’.  It won’t take much more financial mismanagement to put us in a similar situation.”