Get involved

Thank you for your interest. The St Albans Conservatives are a diverse group of individuals working as a collective voice for the local community, with at least one thing in common. We are Conservatives, dedicated to representing and promoting the interests of the community both at national and local level.

Anne Main has led the initiative on a wide range of campaigns for local people, and the St Albans city & District council has been run under the Conservative Group since 2011. We believe in listening to local residents, being decisive and delivering.

Join Us

However, it is our members who drive that change. Being a member involves as much or as little as you’d like. Some people choose to get involved actively, while others simply pay the £25.00 subscription annually and support us that way.

If you’d like to get actively involved in our work, there are a range of activities you can take up with us, from fundraising to delivering literature along your street.

Membership also gives you voting rights when it comes to matters essential to the party’s work. For example, you may be called upon to decide who the next leader of the party is, thereby playing a part in choosing a potential Prime Minister.

However you want to get involved, we’ll keep you up to date to ensure you’re always aware of local issues, campaigns and Conservative activities, in St Albans and across the country.

Under 30?

Younger people are very welcome to join our Association and we encourage our younger members to get involved in Conservative Future ( We endeavour to contact all local residents when they reach the age of 18 and we provide funding for Anne Main to send an 18th birthday card with information about how to contact us and get involved.

If you’re interested in joining, please get in touch.